venerdì 29 giugno 2012

It's Lego time!!!

Here are the two lastest items about Lego train serie. They are no. 7938 and 7938. Both are radio controlled by a infrared commmand. They are nice.

lunedì 25 giugno 2012

Kyosho MaXXum FF 1/10 kit

Here is a rare kit from 1988. A NIB kyosho Maxxum ff, the first rc car with front wheel drive. Just found in my country with a very good price.





giovedì 21 giugno 2012

Vintage Hirobo and Jr brocure

Here are some of my old brochures and catalog by Hirobo and JR. A Hirobo 88/90 catalog with the whole production of time; from RC cars like the Jeaousy, Invade, Alien, etc. to Helicopters (Condor, Stork, Eagle) and airplanes. There are also heli fusolages and a load of heads 

The other brochure comes from JR second mid of  '90 period will full Ergo serie.

There also also some issues of "the Wings" the official magazine from JR  They are numbers 20/21/22 from 1996. Loads of JR news from high performance Heli like the Ergo 60 and Superio with dedicate F3C competition body called "Cygnus" to Jr gyroscopes.

lunedì 18 giugno 2012

Kalt Baron Alpha 2 Usa version

Here is a very rare vintage Baron Alpha 2 heli from Kalt (1992). It is new in the box. The original price in Japan was 144.000yen (see the pics with price). It is the Usa version so with cone start and different fins.

The kit it's a masterpiece; all on ball bearings and alluminium parts. The Black 10 SII head is a true dream; very similato to Hirobo SSR III . I love the F3C helicopter of that days; TSK Blackstar, Kalt, Hirobo all dream machine.

sabato 16 giugno 2012

Graupner/Heim Lockheed 286h

Here is my vintage Lockheed 286 body by Graupner (Heim) for Heim Mechanic still in the box. With this body Edwald Heim won the 2nd place in first F3C World Championship in 1985.

Like you can see a lot of work to do for build this body.

This is a present from a my friend.



martedì 12 giugno 2012

Kyosho Turbo optima 2wd

From old Kyosho Baja Bugs series here is a mint Turbo Optima 2wd in 1/20 scale. It is complete with his Le Mans DM20 ep motor. The underside chassis in aluminium is very nice. Here some shoots.

The Turbo Optima 2wd in the treasure room

lunedì 11 giugno 2012

Tamiya TRF501X & HB D4 bodies witj new paint

Here are my TRF501X and HB Cyclone D4 (HPI) body just painted. From live the colors are really amazing. There is also a Tamiya avante 2011 body painted with classic metallic blue.