lunedì 28 aprile 2014

Black Shark III fusolage Type-e by Black products

From Japan today has landed this awesome body for one of my Hirobo eagle III. It is an original Black Shark 3 body by Align/black with exclusive Hashimoto's colors. So this is not the usually black shark for align t-rex 700 rc helicopters.

This body, with this color scheme, is very rare and it is a special order to Black products of Japan. The finish is incredible. The painted stars are just perfect. They use a particular technique with urethane paint. The result is a incredible effect. The colors seems to be printed on the body with not steps if you touch the fuse with your hands. Another details is that the front black windows is in true carbon.

I will fit this body with one of my F3C Hirobo Eagle 3 EP.



sabato 26 aprile 2014

Tomica station and crossing set

Here is a nice set about tomica crossing set. you can use this parts with also the bridge. So you can create a better track and the die-cast ca,r like hotwheels and tomica, can tun free on it; suberb.

Here the bridge set

Really a great toys for children under 10 years old.


martedì 22 aprile 2014

Tamiya Egress Re-rel

I already own the original car from 1998 in new condition, only build and never run. But i could not resist to buy a nib Egress 2013 rerel so i bought a kit. Like the Avante 2011 this new version is like the original car from 1988, but with some better parts.

here some pics

domenica 20 aprile 2014

Subaru Impreza WRC car

From my tuner some times ago there was this awesome Subaru Impreza WRC rally car in 1:1 scale.

This car comes with the EJ20 engine tuned by STI  for true rally race.

venerdì 18 aprile 2014

Nikko UP Works motors

Here are 4 ultra-rare motors from '80. They are 4 UP Works motors released by NIkko for their awesome buggy like Nikko Brat, Super Sprint and Dandy Dash.

I'm not a pure Nikko collector but i own a nib Brat (box 1 and 2) and a Super Sprint. If you want see them, check the link below. The Brat comes also with a rare yellow card box.

The Super Sprint:
The Brat:
Now i bought this nice motor and 100% new, never run. They are:

- UP WORKS 240SWM Cheetah
- UP WORKS 240SWM Cobra
- UP WORKS 240SWS  Cobra

The last pics are about pages of nikko catalog with the Nikko UP motor imported in Europe at time.

martedì 15 aprile 2014

Finally a day for fly with rc helicopters

Finally last week i got some times for fly with some of my RC helicopters. A Hirobo Eagle3 AOCC EP in Staysee III body, a JR Sylphide EP and a vintage but still perfect Kyosho Concept SRII GP with an OS61 WC engine.

You can see also my old K&S starter with his accessory and a little Kyosho Concept 450 ep.