sabato 29 settembre 2012

Cleaning a closet

Last week i cleaned a little one of my closet. So a part of my vintage videogames collection has appeared.

All aer in  brand new conditions:

-Sega Megadrive with his dedicate MegaCD first release.
-Sega Megadrive CDX, very rare in this condition. It is a portable version of megadrive you can listen also music in CD.
-Gamecube Panasonic. it a piece of art about his design and colors.
-Gamecube in Tales of Symphonia edition. Not rare but it is very nice in that color.
-NEC supergrafx consoles x 2.
-NEC DUO monitor, it is a rare moniotr for NEC console. It can be used also like analogic TV.
-a rare limited edition ETERNAL ARCARDIA games for Sega Dreamcast.

Like wrote they are only few pieces of my vintage colection.

lunedì 24 settembre 2012

My Kyosho Caliber 90 ver.2002

Some weeks ago i bought this Kyosho caliber 90, new only built. Of course the mechanic is in carbon and aluminium.

It is really a masterpiece. It is the version before the "06" update. I already own a caliber M50 so now i have to search for the caliber 60 so i can collect the full line of these dream machines.

I bought also a Dwight Shilling EP conversion. So with a ratio pf 10.53 i will use a 560 kw motor and 12s li-po pack.

sabato 22 settembre 2012

Nismo R1 and S1 japanease catalog

Here some shoots of Nismo brochure about R1 & S1 full tuning by Nismo Omori Factoring. These options was very expensive.

At time an official dealer removed the engine from your Skyline GTR and shipped it to Omory for the job. After you received a 450ps engine (R1 version) or 400ps (S1). Very expensive tuning. The price was 1.800.000 yen for R1.

giovedì 20 settembre 2012

New sports car magazine from Japan

Like every 2/3 months a new load of Japanease magazines has landed. They are:

Option issue  06, 07, 07 2012
Option 2  06, 07, 08 2012
GTR magazine issue no.105.

Like usually tons of great pics and new tuning items. Now a large part of OPTION magazines are about Toyota 86 and subaru BRZ. So new turbo kits, body aero parts, new suspensions, racing ecu and of lot more. But also new turbos for Mazda RX7, review of serious tuning with EJ20 with different parts (HKS GTII turbo, etc.)

Then there is a special about RH-9 tuner battle in Fuji circuit.with some 900ps R35s and R34s with the same power. The lap timing is ery very similar so the R34 is still a true track weapon.

Here below some pics about the page inside the magazines. There is no words it's a tuning paradise.



martedì 18 settembre 2012

Silverlit RC airplanes

This summer i bought these two little rc airplanes by Silverlit. The are made in foam material and fly very well, cheap and they are funny for little guys.

The black airplane has true fan EP engine.

venerdì 14 settembre 2012

New plugs for my Skyline BNR34 GTR

Some weeks ago i changed the plugs of my Skyline with these HKS Superfire Racing M40. Of course the original producer is not HKS but they are made by NGK. These plugs are iridium & platinum for better performance.

lunedì 10 settembre 2012

Marzabotto 2: The revenge

Last week-end i went to Marzabotto to Nick gang for a final tuning on my Subaru Impreza Spec C Type RA.So

- Maf has been removed and so now the car goes with MAP.
- Launch control active (it's a clutch killer)
- Now the engine light on cockpit is a the knock sensor (very good feature)
- Double map for 100 Ron Fuel and for 10% meth.
- Antilag feature.


Now the car is fast like the previous map, but without meth. Now I can swap to meth map with advance timing and the car fly.

Here below some pics.

Nick at work with "Razzo" guy check if all is done

Our lunch; of course pizza, pizza.....

Andrea change brake rotor to Stealth car.