giovedì 24 maggio 2018

Sega Dreamcast Game Works

In the Sega Dreamcast 128bit console golden era has been released this book with GD-rom about the "works" of sensei Yu Suzuki the creator of best arcade games of '90 like Out Run, Hang On, Space Harrier, After Burner, and others.

In the gd-rom thare are these games for the Dreamcast.

venerdì 18 maggio 2018

TSK FS metal rotor head

Here a rare TSK rotor head from '80 for 30 class rc helicopters. it is new and never used. It could be a nice upgrade for my Kyosho concept 30.

giovedì 10 maggio 2018

Shah MotorSport & Harlow Japan Auto

Some days ago i visited, with my cousin and a close friend, one of the most incredible places for a japan car enthusiast here in Europe.

The place is in the lovely countryside in the essex. Here there are the headquarters of Harlow Japan Ajto (HJA)  and Shah Motorsport i think the best places f you want to buy a high quality Japanease car. 

Subaru Impreza, Mitsu Evo, Nissan Skylines GTR, Honda NSX, Nissan S15, and many more models. Every car availble in stock in UK. IT's really a crazy thing. So not only stock car but also limited editions like IMpreza S204, Spec C, Evo 6 TME and cars tuned by Japanease tuner 

Naj and his brother, from Shah MS,  has been really kind and helpful and they allowed us to see all the cars in detail. Shah and Harlow JI works very close and they are a guarantee if you want a Japanease car in mint or near it.

Here some pics of this unforgetable day. 


lunedì 7 maggio 2018

VIntage heli ready to fly

Yesterday i did fly two of my restored vintage heli (last fly about 2 years ago); They are the Kyosho Concept 60 SR from 1995 and the Kalt Omega Pro from 1987.

Now they are really almost new; already reviewed in my blog some times ago.

At their age it has been two TOP F3C machine. I forgot how those hely can be fast with their OS 60 engines and 30% of nitro in the fuel!!!


martedì 1 maggio 2018

DJI 450 reload

I changed the old plastic chassis of my DJI450 with a new one. I fitted also new landing skid. Same electronic with DJI Naza Lite upgraded to V2 and GOPRO 4 Black camera.