giovedì 28 febbraio 2013

N700 Mook and Japanese DVD about trains

Here is a "mook" about  Shinkansen N700 with the his history and details. On the book you can find also a lots of infos about other japanease "bullet" trains.  

Then a very nice DVD with lots of recent japanease trains, not only shinkansen. This DVD show the different regions of Japan with their trains. Every region has his dedicate trains and Shinkansen.


lunedì 25 febbraio 2013

Xbox Steel Battalion (Tekki) by Capcom

Here is my "old" Xbox Steel Battalion (Tekki in Japan) controller by Capcom publisher. I bought it several years ago at day one when it was release. I played with it again in these days after 5 years of last time.

It's amazing and awesome with Steel Battalion game with this controller. Steel battalion can be played only with this big controller and seems really to drive a big mecha.

I own also the game "Steel Battalion" Line of contact. It is the second game of this saga. I own also a second controller that i bought with this game. I will update my blog with also pics of this second controller. It is the same of this but with differernt color.



sabato 23 febbraio 2013

Most Wanted GDX-C01 Gaiking

I got this big Gaiking some years ago due to very low price. The publisher is the china company called "Most Wanted". The material of this robo is plastic and hard rubber. This GDX-C01 boxset contains the first three robot toys and it can be transformed, like the anime, in three mecha; Gaiking, Balkin and Raiking.

About anime it is the remake of 1976's super robot anime, "Daikumaryu Gaiking". The new serie is called "Gaiking: The Legend of Daikumaryu", and it has a different story of original anime.

The mechas are really high (about 40cm) and the final effect is nice.



giovedì 21 febbraio 2013

Toei memorial DVD part III

Here last 2 "matsuri" memorial dvds released from Toei publisher last 2012 (Japan only of course). They are the best production of Toei animation of 1984 and 1985.

So you can watch some original episodes (or movies) of Kinnikuman (the parody of ultraman), Dengeki sentai changeman,  and many more never released out of Japan.

Last year i bought these other Toei matsuri dvds Take a look here below.


lunedì 18 febbraio 2013

Yamatovideo Gaiking memorial box

Here are my rare original version of Gaiking anime from Yamato video in the 2003. It is the full version serie with all episodes. The first box contains the episodes from 1 to 26 released in my country in the 80'. The box has 4 dvd for these episodes

The second memorial box contains the rest of episodes (from 27 to 44) never release in my country and all has been dubbed in my languages. This box has only 3 dvd.

sabato 16 febbraio 2013

Toei Mazinger the Movie memorial box Blu-ray

 Last December in Japan has been released this blu-ray memorial box with 2 disc with all Go Nagai's robo serie movies released during the 70' . The box has been release for the 40th of Mazinger Z saga (1972->2012). 

The box contains all movies movies from 1973 to 1976 release by the great sensei Go Nagai, with his main characters of those years. So Mazinger Z, the Great Mazinger, Devil Man, Getta Robo, Getta Robo G, Ufo Robot Grendizer are in this collector box..

lunedì 11 febbraio 2013

Tamiya Mini4WD Evangelion 2.0 Special

Here is my Mini4wd Evangelion 2.0. from anime movie "You can (not) advance". It uses a mini4wd chassis pro. With this shipping has arrived from Japan the classic Magnum Saber and Sonic Saber from Let's n go TV serie.

I bought also a lot of original tamiya motor, like the high rpms Ultra dash, Plasma dash, sprint dash, mach dash, rev and atomic tuned.

sabato 9 febbraio 2013

Tamiya Mini4wd

Some says ago bought this stock mini4wd in my local ship for my childrens. They are the Buster Sonic and Cyclone Magnum TRF.

Both comes form Let's and Go anine TV serie.


mercoledì 6 febbraio 2013

Tamiya 4wd limited edition

Just posted in the past these mini4WD cars from my collection. They are:

-Mini4WD Chassis EVO I
-Mini4WD Chassis Super XX Chassis Evo I
-Tridagegr XX Clear Special
-Rakuten eagles
-Thunder shot (open top)

lunedì 4 febbraio 2013


I bought this supergrafx in the '90. It is an upgraded version of the PC Engine, released exclusively in Japan, primarily in response to the Super Famicom by Nintendo. My SuperGrafx is of course in like new conditions.

It has originally announced as the PC Engine 2, the machine was purported to be a true 16-bit system with improved graphics and audio capabilities over the original PC Engine. Expected to be released in 1990, the SuperGrafx was rushed to market, debuting several months earlier in late 1989 with only modest improvements over the original PC Engine.

This version comes already with rgb video conversion so i can connect the console to a TV with a normal scart plug.

I own two dedicate games for Super Grafx; Daikamura it's a action platform by Capcom where you have to defect lots of demoniac creatures and save your princess. The game is well programmed, hard to play with awesome graphic.

The other one is Battle-Ace, is a shooter in after-burner style.