giovedì 28 maggio 2015

Nintendo Club Bonus

Here is the lastest original bonus i received from Nintendo Club of my country.  From next september the club will be closed.

lunedì 25 maggio 2015

New Japanease cars magazine

Here some japanease book just landed in my home.

The lastest NSX book with the picture and presentation ofl new Nsx that will be released in the world market next year. Nice car and awesome mechanical specs; 4wd, hybrid engine, etc.

And GTR Bros no.2 with a focus about R35 and R34 with lots of pics and infos

giovedì 21 maggio 2015

Nintendo New 3DS

The Nintendo New 3DS has landed here like substitude of the previous 2DS. It is the blue version. I already on a "New 3DS" with Zelda colors. Check it in my blog.

lunedì 18 maggio 2015

Tomytec moving Bus system

Here is the lastest set released some weeks ago in Japan about Tomix Bus system in scale N. It is the JR East Bus. The Bus works with two lr44 battery and it is free to run in teh road.

The set can be joined with other set already relead by Tomytec in the previous years; you can build amazing tracks and use them with Tomix scale N trains.

Here is a short movie

giovedì 14 maggio 2015

Tomix E7 Shinkansen

Here is my Shinkansen E7, 4 cars version, released by Tomix in Scale N; it is the set no. 92545. As usual it is a very well painted train. It comes in his standard Tomix's box and there is space for other cars.

The E7 is the lastest Shinkansen released on real japanease rails and it can reach a max speed of 320 kn/h.


lunedì 11 maggio 2015

Nissan RB technical handbook with DVD

Some weeks ago has been released this nice mook in Japan about the awesome engine for Nissan Skyline GTR cars, the RB26DETT. So lots of infos and pics about how to rebuild an rb26 engine and usual mega part's catalog.

The book comes with a DVD about tomei rb26dett rebuild and lastest tuner's demo cars.