mercoledì 28 novembre 2012

Tamiya mini4wd Thundershot

Just added to my mini 4wd collection, this Thundershot "open top" with SuperXXchassis.

lunedì 26 novembre 2012

Multiplex Amphi vintage

Here is a very rare Multiplex Amphi car (35 4380 code). It has been produced in the 80'. It's in mint conditions, NIB, and comes with all parts. The car can run in the road and in the water.

At time It was sold in two versions. Firstly, as an open two-seater, as well as a pick-up truck. The "amphi" consists in an ABS-deck, and a bottom tray, which is constructed from the outer and inner shell. The drive takes place on land, over a 60-Permax motor with 2-speed gearbox with a 20:1 reduction. A second Permax 60 drives directly to the ship's propeller. Originally from country ride a speed and direction position with a mechanical speed control was possible, while the engine of the screw shaft was connected via a micro switch. The change in direction in the water is via a built-in tail rudder that is coupled to the wheel steering. 
The car is is 48cm long, 22cm wide and weighs about 3kg. The "amphi" cost in 1984 in two variants about 110 Euro,

I found it in my local old local shop.

sabato 24 novembre 2012

Nines Eagles Solo Pro 270

Here a Nines Eagles 270. It's a 4ch micro heli what fly well in indor and also outdoor without wind. The radio can be converted in mode 1 & 2. The package is complete of all. The price if bargaign.

Vey stable in hovering and quite fast.

venerdì 16 novembre 2012

Shell V-power new gadget

New promotiom from Shell about 100 ron V-power fuel. Now every 40 Euro you can choise one of 6 Ferrari collection cars model from Lego.

You can choise between Ferrari F1 150 Itaila, F458 Italia, Ferrari Truck, F40, 250 GT berlinetta,  Fxx.

lunedì 12 novembre 2012

Tamiya Avante 2011

I bought this kit last in the march of 2011. I already own two Original tamiya avante of 1988. See here:

I built it only last january and i painted the body only weeks ago. The final result is amazing. I added also some pics with my HB cyclone D4 and Tamiya TRF501X.

sabato 10 novembre 2012

Another load of japanease magazines

Some weeks ago has landed these japanease magazines:

- Robocon is a very nice magazine about robotics. A lot of pics and infos about japanease robot scene.
- Nintendo Club  and DS+Wii two monthly magazines about Nintendo videogames.
- Manoi perfect mook. It is a book about kyosho PF01 manoi robot. The PF01 robot  has been released after AT01 can do a lots of free moviment.

lunedì 5 novembre 2012

Cm's Brave 38 Jeeg's option parts set

Some weeks ago has landed this nice final set about Cm's Jeeg serie. Jeeg is another Go Nagai's heros of 70'.

In this set there are the option parts of jeeg's anime. They are the marin, sky and earth components. There are also 3 jeeg bodies (in plastic not in metal like the brave 35) so you can build all the components.

I already own (search in the blog if you want) the following CM's set:

- Jeeg in normal color Brave 35,
- Jeeg in metallic color
- Jeeg in black limited edition.
- Big shooter Brave 37
- Big Shoothe r in Black limited ediiton.