giovedì 28 aprile 2016


I bought this Pc Engine GT in the mid of '90. It has been released by nec during console war of that era. This is the USA version called Turbo Express.

This portable console is still awesome and it is in like new conditions after 20 years. You can play the same games, on hu-card, of pc engine home console on this portable. Absolute the best portable console available on the market untill the begin of 2000.

I own also the other PC Engine portable console called LT. See here:

lunedì 25 aprile 2016

Star Fox for Nintendo WiiU

Last friday has been released by Nintendo the new version of Star Fox for Wii U home console and it is a really nice games. The game designer is Shigeru Miyamoto so it is a true guarantee about the gameplay and quality about this game.

I bought the "day one" package so it is include a free game (Star Fox Guard) and a metal box for the DVDs.

sabato 23 aprile 2016

Tamiya RC Perfect guide 2016

Like every year Tamiya released a collector book where you can see all RC products available during the year. So RC Gt cars, buggy, tank, trucks, on road cars, optionals and many more.

giovedì 21 aprile 2016

Jr Parkmite

This micro was the rolls-royce of his time (circa 2005). Like mechanic style is very similar to mscomposit Hornet but with better quality. Infact it is full upgraded with metal parts anc with a reliable belt drive for the tail. The head and other parts has been anotized in gold color.

I already own several Parkmite, see I bought this used (new only build) heli, because the full JR brushless set was attached and the price was nice.
Also servos and gyro are by Jr Propo.

lunedì 18 aprile 2016

Kyosho Concept 60SR

Here is my new in box Concept 60SR released by Kyosho in the 1993. It is in white box because was a test model that Kyosho Japan gave to official import of my contry at time (so not for normal sale) for testing.

It is complete with also his decals, manual  and brochures about optional parts 

I own other versions of Concept 60 like the SR, SRII, carbon frame, etc, reviewed in this blog.