giovedì 1 agosto 2013

Bandai Soul of chogokin GX-62 Danguard A

The long waited Bandai soul of chogokin GX-62 Danguard has landed today. For a robot of SOC line this is a very little chogokin. It seems a mecha of SRC line. By the way It is in the same size of original chogokin of '70. It seems a modern version of that model. In my opinion the original model of 1977 was one of the best chogokin of that time.

So this Danguard  is Awesome. I love it. Well painted and with a good finish. I'm happy about this GX. I got some pictures with also my old yamato GN-U Danguard in metallic version. The yamato is a giant with a lor of metal. So i big difference in size with Bandai and Yamato. The Same with the box. Both have a very nice graphic.

So now the pictures can speak from themselves

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