venerdì 18 marzo 2011

Dragon's lair laser disk with Amiga

Here is some pics of my old amiga 500 with his dedicate interface for use a laser disk with some dedicate games. The kit has been produced by a german software house called "Corner soft" in the begining of 90'. They used original laser disk games with their softwares and interface. The Player is a Pioneer CLD-1500.


8 commenti:

  1. Nice!

    Did you manage to get Thayers Quest Laserdisc working?

    Also.... Please sell me the setup!! :)

  2. Yes it works. But i have to search where is the amiga disc (loader).

    1. Hi there, me again :)
      Would you be interested in selling me the software corner items?


  3. 200 Euros for the laserdiscs, loaders and cables?
    Let me know what you think

  4. Thks for your offer but i prefer to keep the set.

  5. If you have a price in mind let me know.. 350 Euros?
    If you dont want to sell...
    My problem is I have the Thayer's Quest laserdisc but no loader software :(
    Cant find it anywhere, If you could make a copy of the thayers quest amiga disk for me It would be much apreciated.
    Can pay for it.
    Please help a fellow collector :) :)

  6. i have to search a software for copy amiga disk.