domenica 19 giugno 2011

Highlights: some of my chogokin

Today i cleaned some of my chogokin; Bandai, cms and other brands; CMs Gordian (Brave 30) - Yamato Danguard (Metalic limited version) and Groizer X (anime color). Zambot 3, voltes V, Baikanfu, GX-61 Daltanius and General Daimos, all by Bandai (soul of chogokin serie), etc.

3 commenti:

  1. wow great collection!. I use to purchase my collection at PIJ. Like my
    getter robot Chogokin i have it in the affordable price. What is your latest series and the best for you

  2. Thks. I have some friends in Japan. So I dont need that service.

  3. You’ve done a formidable job. I am extremely happy to seen it and wanna a copy of this.Although I have some toys that I collected from PIJ I’m excited!