giovedì 1 settembre 2011

Studio Halfeye Godannar limited edition

At the end i found, in a shop in Japan, this very very rare Studio Halfeye Godannar and it is in limited edition. Infact, in the box, is present his dedicate custom hangar with his sheet. you can got this version only if you bought it directly from Studio halfeye.

The box is not in really good shape but the rest is in lovely conditions (like new) like you can see from pics.

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  1. The SHE Godannar is one of my personal favorites too. Extremely limited and I believe there are only 200 in the world. I too own the limited edition and it is my holy grail (I managed to find a Dangaioh and Dancouga Nova in the end)! The SHE vipers' creed maneuver blade is my next grail... impossible to find, nay idea where or how I can find one?