mercoledì 12 ottobre 2011

Endless-r tuner in Italy - Part 2

Other pics of the event. Gianluca's Car with my engine.
604ps at 7700 with 62kgm at 4500rpm.
Pls enjoy.

Removing the front splitter for fix well the car on dyo

Luca with Valerio. He is another my friend with a big passion about Japanease Cars. He owned a lot of Mitsu Evo from 6 to 9 (TME included).

Sugino san that valve is really to big for an RB26 (comes from an engine boat)

My Cousin Lucas help me a lot with logistic

THe owner of the garage; Max

the big Maha fan.

Sugino san prepare for mapping

Very very nice car

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