lunedì 7 maggio 2012

80' Game & Watch (Nintendo, Casio, Popy, Bandai)

I find it in a box in the garage and still working great with their box :-). The are some of my old Game&Watch from '80. In the details they are:

- Space Cobra professional by Popy: It's comes with his two lcd screen so the games has two separate level of game.

- Fire Panic By Casio; it uses solar energy like power and works still great. The man have to escape from fire.

- Hyper Ski by Bandai; The skier have to avoid the fox, rabbit and do a slalom. There is not joypad for go to right/left; you have to roll the console for the direction. a normal button for jump.

- Donkey Kong jr by Nintento; this is a particular console and comes from "panorama series", where the game is displayed in the top of console and you can see it thanks a mirror in the bottom

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