sabato 25 maggio 2013

Kyosho Caliber 90 ver.2002 EP

Last year i bought this used Kyosho Caliber 90 but in brand new conditions. Now i converted it in EP power. I fit the original EP conversion kit from Dwight Shilling (engine mount, pulley and belt) and i built a strong lipo battery holder with carbon and alu. I think the final result is very nice and realible.

Today did the maiden flight. The result is awesome the Caliber 90 is very fast ans stable during hovering step. For now i used it at max 1700 rpm of rotor. Max head speed for fast flight and aerobatics is 1900 rpm. 1.500 rpm is for hovering. No vibrations.

The main accessory that i used to finish this helicopter are:

- Castle creations 120HV ice2 esc
- Savox pro 550 motor
- Jr XG8 radio
- Digital Hitec servos
- Fullymax 22X 6s 5300mha x2
- Sab Blades
- Futaba GY611 gyro

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