lunedì 18 novembre 2013

CM's Brave 40 Grendizer

Some days ago has arrived to my home this Grendizer released by CM's, in european limited edition for Italy and France. It is the Brave no. 40. This limited edition included a TFO model and it has the anime colors with yellow horns. The normal versions, of tis Brave, comes with horns in gold color and not in anime yellow.

My Grendizer has not big cosmetic troubles like seen in some forum; like important scratchs and lines on body or serious problem with the paint on the mecha.

I'm happy with this, it is the definitive Grandizer mecha. I got some pics also big old Bandai GX-04s. The Cms is really much better. Lots of metal on it and really well made like proportions and mecha size. The box is really huge!!!

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