lunedì 3 marzo 2014

Nikko Taifun 1/14 buggy

From 1987 here is a new in box 1/14 frame buggy called Taifune released from Nikko. I bought it with an another Nikko buggy of that time called BackFire

The Taifun is a 7.2 volt buggy and it comes with an proportional radio with wheel. You can use also a normal 7.2 battery pack for 1/10 cars. In the bottom of buggy chassis there is a switch and you can change the final gear ratio and so the max speed of the car. This car comes with a 2wd transmission

It it a very rare buggy in this new conditions.

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  1. I used to have one of these until the steering mechanism broke. It was hard to get spares in India so it just kind of sat in a corner until someone cleared it away. Miss it terribly...