lunedì 14 luglio 2014

Japanease car magazines

Here are the lastest japanease car magazines arrived in my home. They are GTR magazine (June issue), OPTION (07.2014) and OPTION 2 (06.214).
In GTR magazine is included a nice 1080 hi-res dvd with the last best GTR's tuners challenge in Fuji speed with an highlights on new Nissan R35 Nismo version. So There are the new HKS 1200ps R35 with the best lap, TOP SECRET's R35 cars, ATTKD R32 special track car, Yokohama Gallery Super R34 GTR with about 900ps.

There is also a nice article about new Nissan Q50 with the R35 3.600cc engine.

On Option and Option 2 like every months tons of pics about tuners, cars, new special parts and many more.


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