mercoledì 24 settembre 2014

Another Kyosho Concept 60 carbon frame

I love Kyosho caliber and concept vintage helicopters. In these days i m restoring another Caliber 60 Carbon Frame. Now it is almost like new. it arrived to me in pieces and with a lot of missing parts after a crash more that 15 years ago.

I restored it with all new kyosho original spare parts (very hard to find). I fitted a restored OS60 WC engine with a new Hatori mufler, a JR G660T , 3 JR NES4231 servos with a 2700g like tail servos.

In the last pics you can see this restored Concept 60 with the other carbon frame i own.

If you search in my blog you can find others Concept 60 in new conditions and new in box.

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