lunedì 11 gennaio 2016

Apple IMAC G3

Last month i bought for a bargaign this nice Apple Imac G3 DV from 2000. It is the 400mhz version with cd rom and 10g of hardisk and it is in almost new conditions. It is complete with his original keyboard and mouse.

From original OS 9.0 i upgraded to 9.2 and now is ready for upgrade to OSX (10.3 Panther). i downloaded also a Classilla browser. With this browser i can navigate in Internet in a great number of sites with no problem and i can use GMAIL. With Quicktime 6.0.3 you can see also movie; see the pic with the classic "The Munsters" TV serie here below.

It is really a great machine with awesome games like Tom Raider III, Wolfstein, Fly and many more!!!! A perfect computer to play with the classic.

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