giovedì 26 giugno 2014

Jr Sylphide 90 World Championship model EP

Here is my Sylphide 90 Championship model release by JR. This is the lasted updated, on Sylphide 90, before new E12 EP.

I fit a full K & S EP conversion on this hely so now it is a 12s F3C helicopter. The EP conversion kit comes with new lower frames, engine and esc mount and pinion.

The motor is a Scorpion 450kv; so costant 2000rpm, on rotor, is possible for F3C aerobatics. The Sylphide comes with a Kontronic 120HV ESC, BLS252 servos on cyclic, GY520 gyro and K&S 680 Carbon blades. Awesome.

4 commenti:

  1. Hi, Could you tell me the part number of the K & S EP conversion kit? Thanks

  2. Hi,

  3. Hi, Thanks for your hint.
    Which pinion (how many teeth) that comes with the conversion set?
    Would it be possible to use bigger main gear, e.g. 120T, instead of the stock 88T? (The JR conversion set to Sylphide E12 accommodates 120T helical main gear).
    It looks like that you need 2 times 6 cells battery, instead of 1 pack 12S, is that right?
    Will you stick with flybar on your E-Sylphide 90C?
    I also use K&S 680 mm carbon main blades with flybar, Do you think the main blades would still work, if I convert to FBL (flybarless) JR rotor head?
    Thanks so much for responding.

  4. You have check the final gear ratio, Main gear/pinion and check the kv of the EP motor.
    So yes you can use a 120T main gear with a large pinion like a 10t, for example, so with a 450kv motor and 12s you can fly at 1900rpm in aerobatics.