lunedì 14 marzo 2016

Hirobo Vertol KV107

Here is a vintage Hirobo Vertol KV107 released in the 1988. It is the first version with mechanical mixer for control the two rotors.

I bought it for bargaign due his bad fusolage conditions. The KV107 is new never flow but his body have to be repaired. So when i will have to time i will begin the restore of this amazing helicopter.

I will convert it in a EP helicopter. I think i will choice 890kv motor for use it with a lipo 6s pack. Originally this helicopter was design for use a 32 GP engine

The mechanic is perfect only a bit dirty.

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  1. Hello, do you finish your hirobo Vertol? I finish my restored Vertol KV-107 II. Same like you!
    I see, you said to use 6S Lipo. Is not good. You must have more power. I try first 12 S lipo with 2600/50C. It's not running long time (1-2 minute) and very hot lipo. For the motor I use a Four pole and big Ice cooler. The temperature is until 40-50 degree without body! If you want more information:
    Good Luck!

  2. HI

    The 6s is the right choice with the ep conversion with the first version of vertol. I will use the hirobo 890kw motor and a 80A kontronic esc. it is the same of shuttle conversion kit.
    Believe me; absolute 12s with only 2600mha is a bad idea. Too many power, too many weight and low flight time. I have 30years of experience with helicopter. The vertol have to fly like the true helicopter not like a fast F3C or 3D helicoper ;).

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    1. 2 x 3s 5200lipo packs. With this configuration i can fly, about 7m the Vertol with Body.

  4. I have the Hirobo Chinook also, I would like to ask where is the motor mount comes from and how to mount the motor, thank you for any advice

  5. i bought it in Japan; it is the Hirobo shuttle conversion kit and it fit also with the Vertol (first version of 1988).