martedì 30 agosto 2011

F3C World Championship in Italy - PART 3

Now some highlights about Japanease team.

Begin from Takashi Nonogaky. This young (always smiling and friendly) guy won the 3rd place. He flies a Jr E12 Syl with gracy body.

Concentration before final flight

Sawamura Yasuichi got a final 4th place. He did a very strong fly in the last day with a lot of wind. He is an employee at Futaba and he comes from japanease 3D world. His helper is Dobashi a F3C WC of the past. He flies with Quest (Kyosho caliber) mechanic in a Staysee body with his own colors (very nice schema in my taste).

And finally Manabu Hashimoto another heli-god of 90'. Like usual he is a "private and professional person". He arrived to fly-camp only some minutes before his fly. He got the 2nd place in this WC.


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