martedì 1 novembre 2011

Project Carlo (Endless-R bnr34) - Part 1: The departure

Here is some short highlights about "project Carlo" (the name that endless-r gave to this project) on my Nissan Skyline GTR R34 Vspec in UK configuration.

The project began in the 2008 when Endless-r started to build a RB shortblock with tomei 2.8 stroker in a N1 block . So at the begining i wanted only a  shortblock for my GTR and then fit the head and previous 2530 turbo here in my country. But at the end Endless-r built a full engine with their race head. Then i added also a VCAM (the best tuning part for an rb26/28) and a big single turbo (T51R-KAI BB) and a lot of particular and parts.
Japanease tuner knows how to build an RB engine. Really a lot of details on engine for better reliable, keep low temp and other tips. Ina secont time i decided to ship my car also in Japan for a full rebuild.

Sooo some pics about ship from Italy.

The GTR is ready to "take off". Destination Japan (Kobe)
Container is ready to receive the car

I'm not tthe guy in the pic :-). Hes is the driver of truck.

Bye Bye my GTR see you soon

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