mercoledì 2 novembre 2011

Project Carlo (Endless-R Bnr34) - Part 2: The car arrive in Japan

Finally after about 2 month the car arrive (safe) in Kobe port and after customs check Endless-r can bring the car in their garage. The travel very slow because too many container in China when the container has changed the boat.

I sold my previous engine (about 580ps engine) to a friend here in Italy. So before remove and ship back the engine, a VCAM step I has been added with also a full map by Endless in a HKS FCON PRO 3.3. The result is awesome, more of 650ps.
After those mod my old engine has been removed from the car and "project Carlo" finally begin.

My old RB26dett with stock internals and now with a VCAM

The dyno sheet with new power on my old engine with VCAM ad new map

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