giovedì 5 gennaio 2012

Mightgaine, MightKaiser & Mightgunner by Studio Halfeye

Yesterday has arrived these Studiohalfeye models from Brave Express Might gaine series. They are my last purchase of 2011. I already own the 3rd robot of this serie called mightkaiser.

The trains can be transform itself in a robot and they can combine (so mightkaiser + mightgaine) for became a bigger robot called great might gaine. The might gunner became a big gun for the great MG.

Here below a few of pics about these models.

The box of three robots

The Might Kaiser

Might Gunner Train

Might Gunner robot mode

Might gaine trains

Might Gaine robo mode

Might Gaine & Might Gunner robo

Arm is not broken; it is the trasformation

detail of train transformed in arm

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