giovedì 26 gennaio 2012

New TV room with Panasonic VT30

I changed the room of childrens with this tv room. I choice (or better my wife) a FEG TV cabinet and a 50' panasonic VT30 plasma TV (me). It is really an awesome TV. After only 40 hours the images on the VT30 are very nice with a "Kuro" black quality on it. You can see also a part of my DVD collection:

Space 1999,
doctor who classic,
Star trek,
The adventure of spaceship Orion
Babilon 5
The 6 milions man
Starsky & hutch
The duke of Hazzerd
Gerorge & Mildren
and others.

I attached also some pics of my XBOX360 games collection.

Xbox Games

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