domenica 12 febbraio 2012

Pure Lotus magazine & other Lotus gadgets.

I owned a nice yellow Lotus Esprit S4 2.0 at the end of 90'. Sold a lot of years ago. I still have some Lotus gadget from those years

Here are the 4 issues of "Pure Lotus" a magazine released in the 1998/99 for only 4 numbers for lotus owner and fan. It has been released every 4 months. A lot of articles on it about lotus cars, Lotus F1 pilot legend, Hethel factory, ecc.

Here is the invitation for the 50th party in Lotus factory in the 1998

Who remember the  M250 Project?! It was also presented at the Geneve Motor Show (2000) and also at Goodwood Festival od Speed.  I was ready to change my Esprit with this car but it has bot been released. The engine had to be an 3000cc for 250hp.

And here an annual catalog (1999-2000) by Lotus about their mechandise and accessory for Lotus cars.

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