giovedì 16 febbraio 2012

NIkko Brat works - Part 2 ***

Like wrote in the previous post, just arrive to me two rare kit of a Nikko Super Sprint and a Brat Works.

Nikko SuperSprint post is here:

The Brat Works is a very rare item especially in kit form. This is the most completed set with conversion  1 & 2.

With Set number 1 you can upgrade your Nikko Dandy Dash or Super Sprint in the full racing buggy Brat. So a buggy with a main chassis for saddle pack and a low C.G. for racing.

The Conversion kit 2 is the upgrade called "Brat Works" with better internal components; so better dampers, center ball diff., strenght front and rear diff for high power motors and you dont need a supersprint for build the Brat Works. So set 1 & set 2 is also the Brat full car.

Enjoy with the picture here below. The Main Box:

Below pics of Conversion set number 1: The Brat

Below some pics about connversion set 2; The Brat Works

An original brochure of time

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  1. Beautifull... I'm find this kit.. but nothing!!

  2. yes it's really one of the rarest 1/10 buggy. I found it after 2 years.

  3. hi, i'm a nikko enthusiasts, so could you post a scan of the brat kit 2 manual, witch esc shoud be used with brat?,this should be written in the i want it!!!

  4. Brat 2 box dont have a dedicate manual. Because all instructions are in manual of brat step 1 (see pictures).

    If you need it i can send to you hires pics about Brat manual conversion kit.

    You can use brat step 2 only with step 1. The brat 2 box have better parts to exchange with Super Sprint/Brat1. So better suspension, differential, new bearings, ecc.

    About dedicate ESC, if i remember well there is not advice about it. I have to check but at 90% it is :-).

    1. hi, if you have a facebook account we have a big nikko group with hundreds foto of our models, came with us!!!/groups/121665001205189/

  5. this kit is without motor? a frends have one with up240sw motor

  6. The SW Motor is an optional. At time it was not included in the kit.

    This is kit is very very rare because the yellow box.

  7. You have many kit? You do not sell?