sabato 29 settembre 2012

Cleaning a closet

Last week i cleaned a little one of my closet. So a part of my vintage videogames collection has appeared.

All aer in  brand new conditions:

-Sega Megadrive with his dedicate MegaCD first release.
-Sega Megadrive CDX, very rare in this condition. It is a portable version of megadrive you can listen also music in CD.
-Gamecube Panasonic. it a piece of art about his design and colors.
-Gamecube in Tales of Symphonia edition. Not rare but it is very nice in that color.
-NEC supergrafx consoles x 2.
-NEC DUO monitor, it is a rare moniotr for NEC console. It can be used also like analogic TV.
-a rare limited edition ETERNAL ARCARDIA games for Sega Dreamcast.

Like wrote they are only few pieces of my vintage colection.

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