giovedì 20 settembre 2012

New sports car magazine from Japan

Like every 2/3 months a new load of Japanease magazines has landed. They are:

Option issue  06, 07, 07 2012
Option 2  06, 07, 08 2012
GTR magazine issue no.105.

Like usually tons of great pics and new tuning items. Now a large part of OPTION magazines are about Toyota 86 and subaru BRZ. So new turbo kits, body aero parts, new suspensions, racing ecu and of lot more. But also new turbos for Mazda RX7, review of serious tuning with EJ20 with different parts (HKS GTII turbo, etc.)

Then there is a special about RH-9 tuner battle in Fuji circuit.with some 900ps R35s and R34s with the same power. The lap timing is ery very similar so the R34 is still a true track weapon.

Here below some pics about the page inside the magazines. There is no words it's a tuning paradise.



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