mercoledì 3 aprile 2013

Bandai DX soul of chogokin Mazinger Z 40th anniversary

At the begin of this Year Bandai launched the first mecha of new DX chogokin line. So for the 40th anniversay of Anime TV Mazinger Z serie (1972->2012) has release this big robot. It's die-cast 30 cm tall  with full internal diecast skeleton with removable armor. Light up eyes and chest, with sound effects with a dedicate 6 buttons remote box. Comes with a hangar that lights up and stores the armor parts. Hangar lights up and includes cranes.

So you can have a robot where you can see all his internal parts or cover it with his armor like the anime.

Of course it is expensive toy more then other company Fewture with his DX line.

Here is his Jet Scrander




The Mazinger Z in his hangar with the lights of Hangar switched on

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