venerdì 12 aprile 2013

Nine Eagles Solo pro 328

Here is a nice solo pro 328 helicopter from Nine eagles. This is an indoor/outdoor helicopter. A nice choice after an solo 270 experience. It flies always with a 3.7v lipo battery but with a capacity of 500 mha.

The box comes with all you need to fly. So from 2.4 ghz radio to battery and charger and a pair of spare blades.

The Nine eagles 328 is always a fixed pitch helicopter but due to bigger size he can fly well also outdoor with no problem. In the last pics you can see the 328 size compared with the little solo pro 270 and new brushless EC145 4 blades with variable pitch. This last helicopter is really and incredible model. I will post on my blog a new thread as soon as possible about this new nine eagles released.

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