giovedì 5 giugno 2014

Japanease car's magazines

Here are the lastest sports car's magazines arrived from Japan some days ago. They are Hyper Rev no. 179, all mook is about R35 GTR. It is the first Hyper rev about this car. So usually tons of demo cars from stock to HKS 1200ps GTR monster. Then reviews of all tuned parts available on Japanease market.

Two "Hot version" DVD; they are the no. 125 and 127 with great races on Tsukuba circuit with Keiichi Tsuchiya, NOB and other japanease pilots on R35 GTRs, other big powered cars but also on normal city cars tuned by J's, spoon and others.

Option and option II with tons of news and a great highlights on high powered 800ps  top-fuel S2000 and other great articles.


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