lunedì 23 novembre 2015

Jr E8 Leggero 3 blades system

Recently i bought two JR E8 Leggero (limited edition). One is built and ready to fly and comes with:

-Scorpion 4030-530 motor,
-Tags01 3 axis gyro,
-Jr DS8717 servos
-MB-351 3 blades head
-ThunderPower 6s x 2 battery

Just add a Kontronik esc and rc for fly. It is in like new conditions. The heli is the 12s version (6s thunderpower 3800x2), so it will be a real rocket in the sky.

The other one is 100% new and still in his box ready for build. It is the FBL version. See the other post for pics.

The old owner stopped to fly so i bought this awesome helicopter. Of course the quality of the parts are top with JR Hely-Divison. I have several Jr helicopter, like a converted ep Sylphide ep and Superio 90.

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