martedì 27 dicembre 2011

Last gadget from Japan

Last october and november has been released in Japan this 4 dvd by Toei animation.

They are the Toei manga matsuri memorial DVD. In every DVD there are a lot of anime movies (best toei production in those years) from 1973 to 1976: Mazinger Z, Doctor Robot, The great mazinger, Sally the switch, Getta Robot, devilman and  lots others.

Really a great surprise for me discover a lot of movies and infos that i did not know.

In the last pic you can see the lastest issues of some of the best japanease sport car magazine, rc car and train models  in HO and Z scale.

The car magazines are:

- GTR Magazine
- IMPREZA magazine
- RC World
- RM models

the lastest magazine is a book just release in Japan with full story of World famous Japanease Shinkansen with a lot of pictures and story about each train (From "0" to  E6 prototype).

The Toei Manga Matsuri Memorial collection (1973->1976) 

The books inside each DVD. This is 1973 box.

Japanease magazines and Shinkansen book

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