lunedì 2 aprile 2012

Kyosho Lazer ZXS Evolution (ZX-S)

Here is one of 200 Lazer ZX S produced by kyosho. It was only available via mail, it's really a rare car.

The car has been only built, so it's new. Rims dyed in azure ad kyosho tyres has been added.

The box, manual, body, and original decals are present. There is only a few dust on the car so in the next days i have to clean well it. There is also a Xenon 11T motor attached.

I already own the first version of Lazer ZX, so i will add some pics with the two car together in a second time

In the meanwhile some pics of this little treasure.

The Xenon motor attached

The plastic cover for dust in the front

The plastic cover for dust in the rear of car

The cooling plate for motor in gold color

Blue rims with Kyosho tyres

This is the color scheme if i will decide to paint the body.

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