lunedì 12 marzo 2012

Hirobo Sceadu 50 EP Sinus conversion - Part I

Here is my old Hirobo Sceadu 50 with an EP conversion good for 10S li-po (37v) called Sinus. I bought both about 4 years ago and has never flown. At time i fit 4 JR DS8301 servos with a PCM10X. The EP motor is a german brushless outrunner flyware 600 light.

Now i bought the missing parts:

- 5s 5000mha li-po 35C packs x 2 by Hyperion
- Futaba GY520 gyro with S9253
- Castle Creation ICE2 HV 80 esc
- Radix blades

Like wrote in the previous post, last week,  i bought also a new JR radio; The 2.4 ghz XG8 an incredible good radio for the price.

Now hope to have time in the next days for final setup and then fly the Sinus.

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