giovedì 1 marzo 2012

35a Fiera in campo Vercelli - Part 1 (Fendt & Class stands)

Like every year, in this period, in Vercelli city it's time of his agriculture fair. From 24 to 26 of  feb a very nice fair has been showed. I am a fan of many things as you can see from my blog and i love models and real tractors machines too.

Here below some pics of two biggest stands of fair:  the german Class e Fendt machine. I will add other parts in the next days. So pls check my blog again.

In the Fendt room the beast 936 Vario with his 390ps was the mean machine. Also the 828 and 720 in black beauty suit was available.

It's time of Class stand. Here also the big harvester can be found. The big Lexion 750, Tucano and the jaguar. The big Axion 950 tractor is the best in show in my opinion with his cosmetic and a power of 410ps.

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