venerdì 18 aprile 2014

Nikko UP Works motors

Here are 4 ultra-rare motors from '80. They are 4 UP Works motors released by NIkko for their awesome buggy like Nikko Brat, Super Sprint and Dandy Dash.

I'm not a pure Nikko collector but i own a nib Brat (box 1 and 2) and a Super Sprint. If you want see them, check the link below. The Brat comes also with a rare yellow card box.

The Super Sprint:
The Brat:
Now i bought this nice motor and 100% new, never run. They are:

- UP WORKS 240SWM Cheetah
- UP WORKS 240SWM Cobra
- UP WORKS 240SWS  Cobra

The last pics are about pages of nikko catalog with the Nikko UP motor imported in Europe at time.

5 commenti:

  1. Hello
    You have motors in stock?

  2. Hi

    Sorry but i dont sell the motor. They are part of my private collection

  3. Ok sniff
    Where did you find this motors?

  4. Hello, do you know the Nikko UP 240 SE ?
    I can send you a picture about it if you re interested ;-)