lunedì 23 aprile 2012

My Jr Parkmite fleet

I bought this Jr Bell 412 set complete with Parkmite mechanic. The body is already well painted.

I already own two parkmite helis but without body. The parkmite, at  time, was the rolls roys of micro-heli. It's very similar to MS composit Hornet mechanic but with full aluminium parts; so not play, precise flight, etc.. The Heli was very very expensive but top quality. It was released in the mid of 2000's.

With Patkmite i use e-flite brushless motor, GY401 gyros, kontronic esc and 3s 1000 lipo pack. I added also the JR XG8 radio to my old "evergreen" PCM10X. The XG8 radio is really a masterpiece by JR :-).

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  1. Greetings. I have a Parkmite and need one of tail rotor bearings. JR part 81062 (3x6x2.3). Might you have a spare or want to sell one of the machines?

    Thanks! Tom