venerdì 6 aprile 2012

Hdi GT2 intercooler newage for Impreza GDB F

I'm fitting this GT2 intercooler by HDi on my '05 Subaru Impreza SPEC C TypE RA. I've anotized the pipes in red for a better cosmetic result and because will be easy to clean them. The turbo is always the turbodynamics/Litchfield LM450-S60 fitted last year.

I changed the original intercooler because with high temperature (summer) the intake temp is high and the car lose power and torque. I changed also my gruppem cold air kit because no space in the engine room due to intercooler pipes. In 5 and 6 gear i get about 430ps with a boost of 1.8 peak and 1.6 costant.

So we used the HDI cold air kit. The BMC air filter that we can use it is not large but i hope it is good for the power i need.

Max power in 5th gear at 1.68bar is 435ps. 6600rpm

Power is 400ps at 5400rpm

the power band is strong to 7200rpm, Still 400ps

Boost curve: 1.79bar at 4200rpm

Still 1.66bar at 7300rpm

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  1. Molto bella questa rara Subaru Spec-C RA, che differenze ci sono rispetto la RA-R?
    In futuro aggiungerà anche una Lancer evolution alla sua collezione di auto jap (magari una Zero Fighter)?
    Un ultima domanda, come si trova a guidare in Italia delle auto RHD?