domenica 1 settembre 2013

Kyosho Concept 60 SRII Carbon Frame

Here is a new condition vintage helicopter Concept 60 SRII carbon frame released by Kyosho in the second mid of '90. This is the lastest version of GP concept line.

It is in fantastic condition and comes complete with 4 Futaba 9202 servos, a OS 61 WC engine,  a GY701 gyro/governor complete with his sensor in the rear of engine, for control the rpm of OS61, and spektrum receiver.

During the second fly i had a problem with engine (cut off due to bad plug) and i did an auto. For my luck no damage.

I bought this hely in New Zeland on a dedicate NZ auctions site. I'm very happy to add this hely in my collection. Now i own 4 concept 60 helicopters build and an other SRII carbon frame new in box.

For a Kyosho collector this is a true st. Graal.



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