giovedì 9 gennaio 2014

Kyosho Concept SRII with F3C fusolage

Here one of my Kyosho Concept 60 (it is a SRII mechanik with SR head) with an F3C body of time, called AXEL 60 (Accelerator).

This body has been repaint, few weeks ago, with the original colors and scheme. Infact it has the standard Kyosho concept SR color so: violet, pink and gold/champagn. The front black window has been painted with "carbon" effect. About mechanik, the washout comes with some Zeal upgrades in gold color.

The AXEL is really amazing and it seems a spaceship. Not bad for a fusolage of almost 20 years ago. In the pics you can see a Concept SR with original Jet Ranger painted in white/red and a SRII carbon frame and a nice CALIBER M50 the first version all in metal.

i posted also a rare kyosho promo movie of time with the Concept 60 heli and AXEL body.


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