sabato 18 gennaio 2014

Option Magazines from Japan

Here the lastest Option and Option 2 magazines landed from "land of rising sun".
On Option II there are some nice articles about 2013 World Time Attack Challenge, in Australia; the presentations about japanease teams that run in this race and the final results of the race.

This race is incredible with cars with a power of 800/1000ps, very light weight so super high performance. Won an amazing Australian Mitsu Evo car. The best Japanease team won the 4th place on an S14. Mr Taniguchi (Nickname NOB) drove the TopFuel S2000 and a heavy modified RX7 from Team  Amemiya. Tarzan Yamada a nice Honda NSX.

Then always on the magazine usual lots of infos and parts about Toyota Supra, GTR R35 and R34, Toyota 86, etc.

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