giovedì 8 maggio 2014

Another Kyosho Concept 60 SR II restored

Here is another Kyosho Concept 60 SRII restored in almost new conditions. It has been stripped, cleaned and rebuild with new bearings. Like you know i'm a kyosho concept collector. I own several concept SR, SR II, carbon frame and Zeal version, build and new in box.

If you select the kyosho or concept mark at the bottom of this post you can see others Kyosho helicopter of my collection.

This time i fitted an OS MAX-61SX WC engine with an hattori muffler, a JR 2,4 RG631B rx, a JR 490T Gyro and original servos of time 9202 (new). This helicopter fly great and it is very very fast. The engine has been tuned for F3C competition.

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