giovedì 15 maggio 2014

Kalt Whisper Ep reloaded

Recently i updated my old Kalt Whisper EP. It still works with 4 servos of time but i fitted a micro gyro with heading hold mode, a 3.300kv 12T brushless motor with stock pinion, intested of his of brushed 17T mabuchi 540vs motor,  a Quark 35A ESC, and a 2.4ghz rx. I fitted also a new canopy with original decals.

With this new setup, with original pinion, the Whisper fly with a 2S lipo battery. The esc has not the governor mode,  it is a car's esc, so the idle up curve is classic 100 - 85 - 100.
It flies for about 9/10 minutes with 3000mha; the final temperature of esc is 54° and motor 48°. The esc can get a lot of fresh air from big front air intake.

Here is the previous post about my whisper


New canopy

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