lunedì 19 maggio 2014

Tyco US1 trucking slot track

Here is my vintage new in box US1 trucking release by tyco in the begining of '80. It is really an amazing slot track for that ages. No electronics here only electric and mechanical parts.

The original box comes with 4 stations with two truck. The stations are:
- Load and unloading sites for pipes
- Load and unloading sites for crates
 I added also two new stations. They are gravel load site and unload station with dedicate trailer.

The box has a nice catalog of the Tyco slot track of that time. The two trucks can run frrely on the track and you can control them through two wheels, All mechanism works great and it is very funny to use this toys and really doesnt seems a 30 years old toys. See the short movie on the bottom of this post



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