lunedì 22 settembre 2014

NIkko Sand Eagle C-5

This car was my dream when i was a young guy in the 1982. Now i got it in like new conditions. It it complete with all cards and box. This buggy is in 1/10 scale and has proportional commands. The car has a total of 6 gears, selectable with the switchs on the car, for best max speed for indor or outdoor use. Then the radio has two additional buttons; one for switch of/off the front and rear lights and the other one for open/close the wings doors. Awesome!!!

The white top canopy is a bit discolored due to his age but it is in very good condition (32 years old!!). What can i say happy this vintage car and now it is in my collection.

2 commenti:

  1. Ciao domani ho torvato una machina simile e vado a comprarla :) anche io sono fan nikko vintage cars!