sabato 2 agosto 2014

Nintendo Virtual Boy

Ok this is NOT a prototype of nowadays Oculus rift so the king of virtual reality.  After big success of GameBoy console Nintendo try to win again with this incredible 3D console in the mid of '90. The console was the Virtual Boy.

Released in the 1995 this "portable console" creates an incredible 3D effect with monochromatic color. Infact the bottom color was in black while the graphics in red color. In every case the 3D was amazing for a console that time.

Yes it is a portable console infact the power unit were 6 normal AA batteries fitted in the joypad.
In the last pic you can see the games that i own for this console.

The main issue of this nice console is that after about 10 minutes of play you get a bad sensation of headache and nausea. So for this reason this console was a "flop" in the market.

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